Warning: Utterly pointless. Possibly fun.

My favourite egg carton (egg box) is the one which has a capacity of fifteen eggs (3 eggs by 5 eggs). If you take eggs from one side of an egg box, then the weight in the egg box is not distributed equally across the whole box, meaning it is unstable when you pick it up. An added problem is that if it’s a cardboard egg box, then you can’t see the egg distribution to know whether it’s centre of gravity is in the central. We of course need balanced eggs!

With a 2 x 3 egg box, you can’t distribute the eggs evenly for all possible numbers of eggs (i.e. you can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 eggs in such a box, but only 2, 4 and 6 can be distributed evenly. The reason I like a 3 x 5 egg box, is that for every total number of eggs (from 1 to 15), you can equally distribute the weight.

Not only is it better to space the eggs out evenly in the box, but it also looks more visually appealing and also appears more mathematically comfortable. Here is an example placement of 13 eggs:

Balanced Eggs

Here is one solution of balancing different numbers of eggs in a 3×5 egg box:

Combinations of Balanced Eggs

Note, our usage of the word egg balancing is not to be confused with the Chinese tradition of balancing eggs!

Contact us if you are now obsessed with distributing your eggs evenly in an egg box!

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