This is a summary of this event:

Happiness – What is It? Can it be Achieved More Often?

We had a good turnout for the first comeback event after quite a long break. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The video we watched described a study of a group of men over many decades. The most important factor regarding happiness appeared to be the quality of the relationships people had (not necessarily the quantity).

People in the group were asked what the personal experiences of happiness they had had. Here is a summary:

  • Goals – it’s important to have goals, and specifically the journey is often more important than the destination
  • Growth – similar to goals, it’s important to feel we are growing as people, or that our lives are moving forward in some positive way
  • Relationships – agreeing with the conclusion of the video
  • Freedom
  • Creativity – people’s area creativity varied, however, everyone agreed this was important
  • Physical connection – hugs, sex etc

Feedback from members about the session:

  • Enquire more about WHY people believe a certain thing
  • Don’t allow people to turn up too late (two people turned up an hour late which broke up the flow of the meetup)
  • Confidentiality – this will allow some people to feel more free to open up on certain topics (especially when giving a personal anecdote on a topic etc). 

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